5 biggest benefits of video content marketing for SME How do you benefit from video content marketing?


Use of video content marketing allowing small business entrepreneurs to stand out from the competition to achieve goals. It can also help small business entrepreneurs to drive brand growth and give a positive ROI.


Why do we need a video?

  • HubSpot claims that 97% of marketers mention that videos with valuable and useful information help customers understand products.  

  • Social Media Today claims that 90% of customers will make a purchasing decision after a video ad. 

  • LYFE claims that 92% of viewers like to share videos with other friends.  

Video marketing is a form of advertising focused on creating relevant and unique content to engage viewers over time.

5 benefits of video content marketing for the small business entrepreneur:

Now, look into 5 benefits that help small business entrepreneurs to stand out from the competition.

Get your customers to pay

By implementing video marketing, a marketer will be able to get more viewers to sign up for your website or either like and follow your social media page. When compared to written posts, video content can give a marketer prospects the needed clarity to make the purchase decision. It gives a marketer to stand out from the competition.


Becoming friends with your customers

Embedding video can be easy persuading viewers to buy your products or services rather than writing text. As a result, it helps small businesses drive conversions and even easier to build long-lasting relationships and trust with your customers by telling your story in video clips.


Expose your brand better

Besides creating videos to help customers understand your products and services, video content can also impact your SEO ranking. Since 60% of the audience prefer watching video over reading text. Therefore, embedding your video on your website to increase SEO ranking since Google loves videos with high-quality content and directs more viewers to it, helping small business entrepreneurs to generate more leads and conversions.


Get viral!

More and more people share videos they watch rather than written text. Since videos are easy to let your audiences understand your products and services. Thus, a marketer should include a share button below their videos to enable the viewers to share.


Increase your sales

Embedding videos enable a marketer to describe their products and services and better to persuade customer buying decisions to help marketers increase their sales.



No ideas on creating your business videos? Ask us for starting your video marketing! We are here to help!

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