How to write the great Facebook Ads to increase your revenue Short piece of texts are often easier to read and understand.


From time to time, you will see well-written Facebook ads that attracts you; short piece of texts that are easy to read and understand, the type of written work that you would wish to have on your own business ads. Here are a few how-to's to get yourself on the same level.


1. Language proficiency

The very first impression a reader will get from you is your language proficiency. People will read your written text as if those words are spoken verbally by you. The usage of good grammar as well as vocabulary skills often leave a good impression on the readers. It also shows professionalism to some extent, helping you awe your audience.


2. Simplicity

The simpler a sentence is, the easier it is to be understood. Go straight to the point in what you want to convey in your message. Avoid using double negatives as they are often confusing to readers that are simply skimming through your written work.


3. Bullet points

Bullet points are fantastic when you have a short list of items for your audience to take notice of. Studies show that keeping the number of bullet points to 6 or lesser will result in the audience remembering 5 times as much about your content. Keep your message concise and your readers will appreciate them.


4. Humour

Believe it or not, humour plays an important part of our lives regardless of time and place. It helps people to relax and this allows them to have better message absorption, especially in your ads. At the same time, humourous contents are the type of contents that people can generally relate to because in one way or another, they can identify with the message that you are trying to tell them.


5. Timer

While you may have a lot to say about your product or service in your ads, keep in mind that majority of the people will skim through your wall of text if they deem that they need to spend their time reading it before understanding its core message. Therefore, it is good to perform a time check to see how long your reader would take to read your ads. Advisably, anything that can capture the attention of your audience within the first 3 seconds is good.

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