Video vs Image - Which is better on Facebook? We should look at the strengths of both video and image ads respectively.


For many years, images have been the go-to medium for advertising on social media. It is only in recent years that video advertisements became popular. Many businesses have started to employ videos to advertise their products and services.

What’s so good about video advertisements? How does it compare to image-based advertisements? Here, we look at the strengths of both mediums so that we can make the most out of each.


Message conveyance

There is no doubt that a video can convey more messages than a single image ever could. While an image relies fully on its viewer to understand and/or interpret its content and meaning, a video with a voice narration can easily provide clarity on the intended message as well as helping the audience understand it with lesser effort.



A study shows that each person spends an average of 35 minutes on Facebook every day. A huge portion of this population access Facebook on mobile devices - as such, videos are often watched without sounds. Be it during work commutes or work breaks, Facebook users would often prefer browsing in silence while being in a public place. In such situations, image ads would sometimes be more effective as videos are often skipped since they can be irrelevant without audio.

However, recent changes in the Facebook video ads includes auto-generated captions for muted videos, which greatly improve in assisting users to understand the key messages for video ads.



Test results comparing both image ads and video ads show that video ads typically perform better as they have about 2-3 times higher click rates and 20-30% higher conversion rates. Though so, when we look at the amount of work required to produce image ads and video ads respectively, image ads take significantly less work and time compared to video ads.

An image ad can take as little as 30 minutes to an hour to produce, whereas video ads require careful planning to capture the audience’s attention in order to drive conversions effectively. Therefore, when it comes to gauging the efficiency between the two, image ads generates higher conversion per time spent.



It will be prudent to approach advertising on Facebook with both image ads and video ads rather than focusing more on one over the other. As different groups of audience uses Facebook differently, both types of advertisements can cover each other’s weaknesses with its strengths.

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