LODGE System

LODGE system

Expand your business with our Excellent LODGE hotel reservation system Today!

Front End Features

Custom Web Design
Mobile Compatible
Optimized Room Searching
Optimized Room Booking and Cancellation
Build in Promo Code
Front Desk Integration

Optimized Room Booking & Cancellation

Room booking and cancellation can be made on fly through online.

Guests can add extras for their room after making room selection.

Build in Promo Code

Our System provides flexibility for the guests to get discount for the rooms using promo code.

Front Desk Integration

Hotel staffs get notified directly whenever there is a room being reserved.

Front Desk Features

Editing Tools
Image Organization
Search Engine Optimization
User and Group Management
Authorized Access Control
Subpage Creation
Email Blast
Third Party Plugin Compability
Live Update
Application Cache
Content Search
Remote Access
Special Price Setting
Customizable Payment Type
Promo Codes Setting
Report Generation
Build In Statistic
Front Desk Integration

Email Blast

Allow you to manage newsletter subscribers and send newsletter.

Special Price Setting

Allow a room type to have different price for a specific duration

Customizable Payment Type

Adjustable early booking payment, i.e. By full payment or by deposit.

Promo Codes Setting

Allow you to create and fix the duration of the promo codes can be used.

Report Generation

Allow you to review and print the report of your business.

Build in Statistic

Allow you to keep track the condition of your business.

Front Desk Integration

Allow staff in front desk to do reservation tracking, book a room, cancel a room, check in and check out a guest.

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