Embrace the digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic Transform your business into online business!


Embrace digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic


Covid-19 had caused the global economic downturn, but there is a new trend coming up- Digital Marketing which is the turning point for every industry. Medical experts predict that the COVID-19 epidemic might continue until 2023. If your business undergoes digital transformation or having a digital transformation in mind, we, Goodsane are always welcoming for your arrival.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is to promote products and services aimed to achieve higher efficiency, cost-effective and eco-green marketing strategy through digital technology.

   Digital marketing includes:

       -Search Engine Optimization

       -Social Media Marketing

       -Content Marketing-

       -Email Marketing

       -Google ads Marketing


How does Digital Marketing help your business?

    Recently, singers and artists choose to perform online to keep their branding and reputation. So do you wanna boost your brand awareness, build your customers relationship and get lucrative revenue through digital marketing as well?


-Operate globally without setting up a physical store/warehouse

The Internet is borderless and allows you to search for all the information with just a click to create attractive content for your targeted audiences. We have the solution just for you!


-Cost-effective in all aspects

All you need is just a laptop/smartphone and you are your own boss.

Skip all the physical retail store setup fees such as rental, decorations, equipment and all sort of that. All operations can be done online with just a little equipment. We have a professional online marketing team to assist you in creating contents, advertisement design and online branding works. Leave it all to us and consider it done!


- Building customer relationship with face to face

Social media is the main platform that allows the business to interact with their audiences especially on customer service.


- Boost your brand awareness continuously

The contents that you presented to your audiences (design of the website, mobile apps and published contents) affects the impression of business toward the audiences. Let your product/service speak for your brand.


- Understand your customer is easier than before

We build a data analysis system and obtain information about customers traffic and preferences through automated marketing campaigns such as the latest promotional info, celebration and notices.


- Construct a loyal customer base

Every business is struggling to grow its loyal customer base as they are always the most valuable customers and generate the most revenue for your business.


Begin your journey of Digital Marketing, we are always prepared

Business branding

Business website development

Business mobile APP

SEO targeted keywords analysis and application

Multiple social media platform setup, content creation(copywriting, photo/video shooting, Google ads etc)

Email marketing campaign


With this digital marketing blueprint, we also commit to your business growth. Contact us and grab the chance!

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Start your online business during COVID-19 pandemic

Transform your business into online business!

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