How Logo Design Can Help Your Business Your logo is your identity.



Simple & Concise

The best logos are the ones that people can remember easily, especially those with a single shape or a single word. McDonald’s for example, uses a stylized letter “M” that has become a global recognizable icon to represent its business.


Relatable Colours

Colour choices can affect a logo’s impression greatly. It furnishes the shape by bringing out the common knowledge that people already have; such as blue for ocean/lake related products, green for plantation, light blue and pink for baby items, etc. In addition, having only a few colours (in light tone) can also bring about simplicity and a feeling of user-friendly interface.


Relevant To Your Business

The human brain processes an image faster than it does a phrase or sentence. Having a logo that tells the public about the nature of your business at a glance is better than having to read a catchphrase. For example, a logo with tableware tells people that the business is either a food outlet or tableware shop, with the former being more common than the latter.


Meaningful Implications

While it is not obligatory per se, having your logo to tell a story about your business can inspire people and draw them into your customer base. The logo of Apple Inc. tells the world its identity without displaying its name and the purpose of its products for knowledge. Your logo can potentially elevate the quality of your products and services from its prestigious look too.


Design A Logo For Your Company

It can take a lot of time to brainstorm and decide a logo design to represent your company, but it is worth the investment to have a prominent and easily recognizable logo.

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Your Logo Is Your Identity

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