How to Create the SEO Content Marketing Strategy That You Need? It takes time to put them together and to bring out the effectiveness in each other significantly.


Both search engine optimization and content marketing are the bread and butter of any digital marketer nowadays. While both are different marketing strategies, putting them together can be really helpful in bringing brand marketing to a higher level.

Social media and email marketing are vastly used by many businesses today, but those aren't highly guaranteed to find the right customers. However, search engine optimization increases your chance of letting your business be discovered when customers need your products or services. In hindsight, putting content marketing and search engine optimization together enables you to provide the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Content marketing synergizes very well with SEO in a way that, by creating content that focuses on targeted keywords and phrases, your quality content gets to rank higher in search engine results. Subsequently, your contents get free exposure online. It drives traffic to your website, creating more opportunities to convert visitors into customers. Without great content, SEO is only subpar and unable to achieve its full potential; similarly, great contents is less likely to be found without the help of SEO.

There are four key points to take note when preparing SEO contents on your website.


1. Target Market

Your target market should be your top priority as they are the sole source of your revenue. By identifying your target market, you create contents that are relevant to them while making use of keywords and search phrases that your target customers are most likely to search for.


2. Keywords and Phrases

The very function of search engines is to show the searcher a list of results that is relevant to their search phrases. Knowing what your target market search for online is extremely valuable to enhance your optimization.


3. Great Content

It goes without saying that in order to provide for your target customers, you need to have great content to show them. While it is easy to throw in the targeted keywords and phrases, it is more important to have quality in what those keywords and phrases are giving to your content. Search engines like Google will penalize low-quality contents as those are unlikely to be what your target market wants to see. Well-written languages and easily understood contents are more likeable than those that are not.


4. Continual Updates

While it's unlikely that you will be changing your contents that you have published online, high quality contents will eventually become outdated or be rendered redundant over time. Continual updates put you on a competitive level in terms of content freshness as well as keeping your business relevant in the latest period of time.


SEO and content marketing may sound easy to be done on its own, it takes time to put them together and to bring out the effectiveness in each other significantly.

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SEO and content marketing takes time

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