Qualities of An Efficient Website There are different elements that contributes to a successful and efficient website.


There are lots of design templates for websites on the internet, most of which are done by professional web and graphic designers. Here, we look at what qualities an efficient website should have - or rather, the elements that contributes to a successful and efficient website.


1. Well-designed and functional

A great website should have well designed layout that helps visitors to understand the nature of the business easily. Images are not cluttery and texts are of readable font size - these are aesthetic values that plays an important role in first impressions, more so encouraging subsequent visits.


2. User friendly

Easy navigation around a website is important as it helps the visitors greatly in finding what they want. Consistent layouts and clear visual cues are among those that help to promote user experience by helping web visitors accomplish their tasks quickly and effectively.


3. Mobile phone optimized

With majority of the world population owning a smartphone today, having your website optimized for mobile brings a lot more advantage than we know. Mobile web browsers are being used just as much as computer web browsers, if not more so when it comes to searching for information online.


4. Fresh contents

Successful websites always have fresh contents and updates for its visitors to read and explore about. Most people have short attention span, therefore it's better to keep the contents short and simple, as well as accurate and relevant to help your visitors get the most values out of them.


5. Specific call to actions

If your website has nothing to ask from your visitor, then perhaps it is time to set at least one. A website with no call to action for its visitors have little to no benefit for its owner. Be it a purchase call, follow social media or a call to share an article, every little thing helps.


6. Search engine optimized

While outward appearance is important for impressions, the traffic of a website is its backbone for being successful. Without traffic to the website, all the designs and contents are only a waste of time because they are not seen. The basics of search engine optimization includes but not limited to using keywords and phrases, as well as meta tags and titles.

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There are different elements that contributes to a successful and efficient website.

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