Types of Facebook Ads Social media has evolved over the years, from a place for social updates to a platform for businesses to advertise their products and services.


Facebook, as one of the most used social media platforms, has billions of monthly active users. With the capability for businesses to advertise on Facebook, we can expect profitable returns with the huge amount of potential customers from the audiences.

Here, we look at a few popular types of advertisements used on Facebook so you can have a gist of how they work for you.


Image ad

The most common type of advertisement of all defaults to image ads. Often made with an image to depict a product or service, alongside a brilliantly written caption, many people utilize image ads for their businesses over the years and it has proven to be significantly effective.


Video ad

Unlike image ads, video ads can run in both news feed and stories - or they can be placed as an in-stream ad on other Facebook videos. Depending on the video creators’ preference, video ads generally have a voice-over narration, floating short texts and/or moving graphics to promote businesses abstractly.


Poll ad

This is a very effective way for businesses to understand and gain insights of what their audience think as well as advertising their products and services. By presenting a poll about their various offers, it opens up opportunities for the audience to be informed about the business and it helps both sides to discover and decide upon the better offer choices.


Carousel ad

Nothing is more straightforward than carousel advertising. It literally displays a list of products (up to 10) with descriptions and price tags for its targeted audience to see. Accompanying each individual products are call-to-action buttons, which most people utilize to bring/convert the audience into consumers by leading them to the sales/checkout page.



Within the Facebook Ads Manager tool, there are plenty of ad campaign goals that you can set for your business. You can specify your goal(s) to be increased traffic, leads, engagement, etc. and Facebook, with its algorithm, will display your advertisements to your target audience.

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