Features of Whatsapp Business There might be features that you have yet to know about.


Whatsapp began as a messaging application when it was first launched. When it was acquired by Facebook, it was developed to contain business features. Here are the features of Whatsapp Business that you can use for your business.


Business description

You can now add a description for your company to let your customers know the nature and workings of your business. Information such as your best-selling products and/or services can be listed with short descriptions to further explain what your business can do for your customers.


Enhanced reply system

You can set up quick replies, auto replies and auto follow-ups on Whatsapp Business app. When a question is being asked very often, you can simply set up a standard response so that you do not have to spend much time replying to each and every customer on the same subject.

During off-hours, you can set up auto replies to inform your customers that you will be getting back to them as soon as your business is opened next. As for customers who have not been in contact with you for awhile, you can set up auto follow-up messages to catch up with them, to soft remind them of your presence, to get them back in contact with you.


Statistics, labels, filters

Whatsapp Business has built-in functions for you to track your customers’ activity during their contact with you. It also includes details such as the amount of sent, received and read messages.

You can even append labels to different customers so that you can search them up easily in your directory. The search function comes with text filtering ability to further ease your searches.

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