How did SEO helps SME gain reputation and profit in digital marketing? Understanding how to gain continously profit through online platform


The benefits of digital marketing for SME are more than you can imagine. Under the assistance of SEO,  it can multiply your profit and brand awareness through the interaction and development of online media.

Given a scenario, a famous person gave you a very common pen, how do you promote and sell it out? and turns it into lucrative profit. In traditional marketing, we try to promote and sell, but digital marketing enhances the selling process.

Find a stranger to interacting in the selling process, get their name card during the conversation. Write your contact while when the prospect trying to get your contact information, and borrow a pen from him. He can't find a pen on him, search urself for a pen, and then found a pen that you previously obtained from a famous person. Using smart-talking techniques, try to persuade him to purchase the pen, and that's it! You successfully sell out your only pen in hand.

Imagine that in the era of the Internet, the only thing you have to do is create your story on your website, or collaborate with celebrities on social media to promote it through photos and videos, spread the information on the Internet, your ROI is not just the profit from a pen, but the economic circles that consist of branding, loyalty and more!

Digital marketing turns the business to multiple interactions instead of 1 to 1 marketing


How Digital Marketing helps your business to earn profit continously 

  • Understand your business before entering the digital marketing

Most of the big company have their comprehensive planning in future direction, but SME don't. You have to understand your business planning before step into the Internet such as direction, vision, mission, budget, human resources and your target audiences to achieve competitive advantages. In long term planing, goes along with technology to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Create your own brand and be unique!

Construct your over own style in branding, create the content and design that align with your brand.  We are here to assist in creating your preferred image and branding on Digital Media.

  • Build your network base in the social media platform

Forget about the exposure and awareness, every business wants to promote their product/service to everyone as they could. This is good thinking but does that work? Nope, you might end up wasting your time and budget at all. Having a network base allows you to promote your product/service to your specific target audiences to maximise advertising effects.

  • The right content for your content marketing

Attractive content that promotes your products and services lead to better conversion rate in your online store.

  • A customer loyalty program to retain your customers

Your best brand ambassador is always your loyal customers. Understand your customer's purchase intention, inform them about the latest promotional information and interact with them. Remind them that your business cares about them.

  • Utilize SEO and Google Ads to expand your market

The profitability of a business depends on its organization management, branding and the persuasive power of products and services as well as the effectiveness of advertising towards the right audiences. SEO and Google Ads are the ultimate tools in marketing that allows your targeted audiences to find your product and service online.
seo-search-engine-optimization2How does SEO increase your brand competitive advantage and gain profit?

  • Research on targeted keywords, understand customer behaviour on searching

There are 2 ways to get your website first ranking on the search engine. One is through paid to google ads, one is using targeted keywords.

  • Content along with targeted keywords in the content marketing 

Using targeted keywords in content creation give us the right direction in make sure the content flow smooth.

  • Increase SEO ranking through content marketing

The right content through different presentation such as graphics, video or text increase the search engine ranking of your website.

  • Lead your customers to purchase with SEO ranking and attractive content

With attractive contents and the right keywords, your branding and promotion are on the right track! Increase your profit through leading the customers to purchase on your website.


Do you have a comprehensive guidance on digital marketing?

Yes we have. Different industries are using difference of digital marketing plan. We, Goodsane , with more than 10 years experience in digital marketing field will guide you along the journey. Experience the power of digital marketing now!


Contact us today and start building your digital marketing plan now!


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Use SEO to gain reputation and profit right now!

Understanding how to gain continously profit through online platform

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