How to choose domain name for my website? Difference between .com/


When you appoint an agency to build your own business webiste, they will ask you what type of domain name that you want to use. You have to paid annualy for the domain name and different type of domain charge different rate. .com, and .my are the most common domain name in Malaysia. How to choose domain for your website? Let's find out!

Internation domain(.com) vs Malaysia domain(.my)
.com domain name is from US while .my domain name is from Malaysia same goes to Top level domain(TLD) is the root zone of the name space and represent the country of the website. Different domain name have different pricing rate.

How to check availability of domain name?

You may access to these website to check the availability of domain name.
1. MYNIC https:/
2. godaddy
4. ichoosestore


What are the levels of domain?

Domain name are composed of at least two level, a top-level domain(TLD) and a second-level domain(SLD). TLD is the suffix or extension attached to Internet domain names and there are a limited number of predefined TLDs, such as .com, .net and .org. Let's have a look on type of TLD.

1. Generic top-level domain (gTLD)

.com (for business company)
.net (for Internet services)
.org (for organization)
.gov (for government department)
.edu (for educational institutes)
2. Country code top-level domain (ccTLD)
Domain name that represent different country and region.
Example: .my refer to Malaysia
  .jp refer to Japan
  .uk refer to United Kingdom

3. Chinese domain
Allows those who familiar with Chinese could access the Internet with Chinese only.

More examples of Top-level domain

1. Latest TLD = .cc/.tv/.tm/.cd

.cc= commercial company

.tv= television

.tm= trademark

.cd= Compact disc


2. Hot selling TLD= com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.name/.mobi/.travel
.com The most popular TLD used by nearly any business company.

.net Suit for Internet agencies

.org Suitable for any organizations

.biz From the term "business"

.info Suitable for business that provide information service

.name Suitable for personal website

.mobi Suitable for mobile device or website

.travel Suitable for tourism agency


3. Others TLD
.cn TLD of China and occupied the largest market share. China government deparment

.hk Hong Kong China

.tw Taiwan

.jp Japan

.AC Island of ascension, also refer to academic

.IO British Indian Ocean Territory, also refer to Input Output

.SH Famous as short form of shop and Chinese pinyin of Shanghai

.ws short form of website

.us United State of America

.in Country code of India and refering to investment

.my Country code of Malaysia

.IT Country code of Italy and reffering to Information Technology


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How to choose domain name for my website?

Difference between .com/

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